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Are you sure your employees continue working when you leave the office?

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If not — SoftActivity Keylogger can help! But now you can. SoftActivity Keylogger can even capture screenshots of the desktop at a preset period of time. All recorded information is stored in an encrypted log file. You may enable SoftActivity Keylogger to send the reports to your email address every few hours. Advanced options are available to view and analyze data in convenient formats for better understanding of user activities on your computer. You can view a log file in tabs that show separately used programs, Internet history, emails, chats and other activity.

You can view screenshots one by one or play them as a slide show easily.

Free lan spy software

SoftActivity Keylogger is a superb spy software solution for the effective parental control. Protect your children from online threads. Know exactly what they do online. You must be the owner or authorized user of the computer to install SoftActivity Keylogger.

LAN Spy Monitor Free Download

You must login to Windows as a user who is a member of Administrators group to install it. This software cannot be installed remotely without physical access to the computer. Audit Windows Remote Desktop sessions and Citrix shared desktop and virtual applications. Monitor your employees who tele-work from home or remote-in to the office during business trips via RDP. Monitor what users do on thin clients in your network without installing any software on them.

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Document server configuration changes by recording remote and local administrative sessions. There are many users of our software all over the world. You only need to install agent software in the employee computer and then you will be able to control that computer completely. This best network monitoring software supports all windows system: 32bit and 64bit windows XP, Vista and windows 7.

  • Key features.
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  • Monitor the desktop real-time. It can monitor all the screens in real-time.

    Welcome to Veyon

    All the desktop will tiled in the manager's computer. If you want to focus on an employee, you can double-click the area of this employee, then it will Maximized and fill the entire screen, covering up whatever is beneath them. Double-click again will return to the old status with tiled desktop just like the following interface. Remote desktop administrator, remote control. You can use your keyboard and mouse to remote control the employee's computer and needn't they permission. You can input text and move the window just like you are control your own computer.

    Notice: you can see the remote control button when you only monitor one employee with this LAN spy software.

    Intuitive user interface

    You can't remote control when the screen is tiled. File management and transfer. After click "File Manage" you can see a window like the following picture. Left area is the files in manager's computer. Right area is the files in the employee's computer. You can transfer file between these two computers easily and undetectable by right-click the file and then click "download" or "upload" menu.

    New Keylogger for PC & Mac - 2018 Keylogger Remote & Local Installation

    Additionally, you can copy, paste, rename, and delete all the files.